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Our lab restarted in April, 2013 when Associate Professor Mitsumasa Hashimoto and Senior Assistant Professor Koichi Okuda joined to teach and do research. We provide lectures and lab experiments to 1st year students who didn’t take physics in high school, and also give lectures in “Life Science” classes. Our educational goal is to help students learn what science is through the study of physics.
For research, Associate Professor Hashimoto focuses on radiobiology and Senior Assistant Professor Okuda focuses on nuclear medicine, working in collaboration with researchers from both inside and outside of Kanazawa Medical University. We aim to contribute to the development of medical science through our research and education.

Contact Information

TEL: / FAX: / Email: physics@kanazawa-med.ac.jp


Associate Professor

  • HASHIMOTO Mitsumasa

Senior Assistant Professor

  • OKUDA Koichi

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Okuda K, Nakajima K, Sugino S, Kirihara Y, Matsuo S, Taki J, Hashimoto M, Kinuya S. Development and validation of a direct-comparison method for cardiac (123)I-metaiodobenzylguanidine washout rates derived from late 3-hour and 4-hour imaging. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2016; 43: 319-25.
  • Okuda K, Nakajima K, Hashimoto M et al. Optimization of iterative reconstruction parameters with attenuation correction, scatter correction and resolution recovery in myocardial perfusion SPECT/CT. Ann Nucl Med. 2014; 28: 60-8.
  • Kurosawa A, Saito S, So S, Hashimoto M, Iwabuchi K, Watabe H, Adachi N.
    DNA Ligase IV and Artemis Act Cooperatively to Suppress Homologous Recombination in Human Cells: Implications for DNA Double-Strand Break Repair. PLoS One. 2013; 8, e72253.
  • Ishigaki, Nakamura Y, Tatsuno T, Hashimoto M et al. Depletion of RNA-binding protein RBM8A (Y14) causes cell cycle deficiency and apoptosis in human cells. 2013; 238: 889-97.
  • Okuda K, Nakajima K et al. Semi-automated algorithm for calculating heart-to-mediastinum ratio in cardiac Iodine-123 MIBG imaging. J Nucl Cardiol. 2011; 18: 82-9.

External Research Funding

  • Elucidation of the timing and factors of DNA-damaged cells to determine the fate of life and death. JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number: 16K00549
  • Does 53BP1 promote Non homologous end joining repair by increasing of DSB ends mobility? JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number: 23510067
  • Essential role for TLK1 in DNA damage checkpoint during mitosis. JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number: 19510060
  • Development of novel image diagnosis system for dementia with Lewy Bodies. JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number: 26861022
  • Development of integrated evaluation system for sympathetic nerve imaging. JST A-STEP Grant Number: AS251Z01050P